SellingOne of the biggest misconceptions about network marketing and direct selling is that you need to be a really slick and skilled salesperson in order to succeed in this business. After all, you’re selling your products and business opportunity to other people, most of whom are not in your family, right?

Well, it can help if you are a superstar salesperson. But it’s truly not necessary. And if you don’t even have an ounce of sales skills in you at the moment, you shouldn’t be worried at all. Many of the most successful network marketers wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system).

The skill you WILL need to develop if you don’t have it already is the ability to follow-through and contact people. And if you want your business to grow quickly, you will need to force yourself to do this relentlessly. Whether you do so over the Internet, by email, over the phone, or in-person, you need to be able to get in touch with people and communicate with them. Only in this way can you effectively build a network marketing downline.

As for the sleazy sales pitch? Not necessary, or even desirable. If you believe in your product and the potential of your business opportunity (and you really should!), all you have to be is honest and straightforward. This will get you so much further than an overly-practiced, and perhaps insincere, sales pitch.

In summary, if you want to create a growing and thriving network marketing business, you should be able to put aside the sales technique books, and just start genuinely communicating with people.

 All the Best for Your Success,